Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Day 7: Button

*I realize you don't want to see this, but it's what you get.
Today's blog post item is "Button". In an effort to make this project meaningful in some way and tie it all in to Love, I decided on this button. Yes, I did. It will make sense, just keep reading...

Wait! Don't go away yet...let me explain! The picture above is pre-baby, teenage belly button. An inny. I was so proud of it that this is the photo taken just minutes before I paid some stranger to jam a rod through it...I had it pierced.
Since this photo, I have gained (and then lost) 40 pounds three times. I have 3 beautiful children who are my entire life! No, that's not true, but they come second only to my husband. After each baby I worked my "belly" off to get it looking similar to it did back in the day. So here is the button today:

Ok, not today, but last summer. (Yes, that's a bikini. Shhh, don't tell.) And what is that?! An outy? How did that happen to the perfectly shaped inny I used to have? I can only assume it was all the baby-growing I did over the years that pushed something out. I used to hate it, but now I see it as the mark left on my body by those beautiful children of mine (along with the stretch marks that the lighting of this photo so conveniently hides). I love my children. I am so blessed to be a mother, and their mother at that. That's what this post is really about, the love I have for them, for who they are, and for who they have made me. The sacrifices we all make for each other make us love each other so much more.

Yes, I realize this is a belly button, a silly thing to care about. In all reality, I don't care about the way my belly button looks. I do find it interesting, however, that it changed from an inny to an outy after having babies.
Has anyone else ever had this happen?
There you have it...my button post. I hope it wasn't too offensive.


  1. Wow Steph, I wish my stomach looked like yours! That was a fun memory of us going to get our belly buttons pierced :) My belly button is a little stretched out just like my skin that i can now stretch a mile. I should give you all of my bikinis because all i will proudly strut now are tankinis ha ha. You look good girl!

  2. Dudet, I agree with Becky you have a gorgeous body after that many babies too. :P


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