Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stink Bug

Jessica found a stink bug in the garage and started yelling, "Mom, there's a stink bug in here, come and kill it!" I assured her it wouldn't hurt her. Then she said, "Oh yea, it only stinks up other bugs and animals, not people, uh mom." After watching it crawl around for a while, she started laughing hysterically. I looked back at her and she had a boot and was trying to smash it. Every time the boot would touch the bug, it would stick it's butt up in the air and Jess though that was so funny! Finally she smashed it and then said, "Mom, its tummy broke."

Monday, April 27, 2009

Heaven on Earth

The beauty this Temple radiates is indescribable.  After the last General Conference, I know I definitely need to get to the Temple more often than I do.  I am so grateful for the blessings the Temple offers, and for the opportunity I have to go there as often as I want.  What a beautiful place.  Andy took this incredible picture.  Gorgeous uh?!

Spring Blossoms

Spring is my favorite time of the year.  Isn't it beautiful?  Everything begins to come to life and show its beauty.  The colors fill my flower beds and the grass begins to turn green.  After a long cold winter, nothing is better than watching my bulbs emerge out of the soil.

The fragrance this one puts out is amazing!  I would love to bottle it up and make my house smell like this year round.  It makes me happy!

All the different colors together are just beautiful.  I wish the blooms would last longer than they do, but soon I will fill the beds with different flowers to last through the summer.  
Did I mention that I LOVE spring?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Braided head band

This is a new hair style I tried on Syd's hair on Easter.  It looked so pretty!  This is the best picture I got of it.  The braid goes all the way around her head and tucks up into the ponytail.  Just had to post it!

Easter Sunday

We went to church and then headed to the Temple for a few pictures of the family.  Here are the kids in a pretty tree I thought would be cool for a backdrop.  I am hoping my parents got a better picture than we did, Kayman didn't particularly like being wedged into the tree, and Jess doesn't cooperate too long for pictures.  I am pleased with what we got considering the moods of the kids.
On the steps of the St. George Temple.
Syd and Kayman.  She is such a great big sister!
Jess doing a spin jump off the flag pole stand.
Here is our family on Easter '09.  

Easter Fun

We colored Easter eggs with the kids.  Syd is the only one who actually likes to eat the hard boiled eggs, but we still did a bunch of them for the fun of it.  The girls had fun dying them, and Kayman had fun watching!

The Easter Egg hunt in Santa Clara.  It was a success!  The kids filled their baskets pretty full and, as you can see, Kayman enjoyed the candy.
They kids are happy with their finds.  It was a little rainy so we didn't stay for the activities, but got the candy we went there for! :)

Swingin' Syd!

We found the coolest new age park in St. George.  It has some amazing equipment that is so fun!  Syd and I played on this swing for a while and had a great time!  Syd loved that she got so high off the ground.  
This is a little bucket seat/spinner.  Syd spun around in there until she started to feel sick.  She is light enough I had to give her a push every once in a while.  When I sat in it I had a hard time stopping and got pretty dizzy pretty quick.  It would have been the best thing in the world as a kid!  I loved spinning around and around on playground equipment, but now it just makes me sick.  We spent a few hours at the park and I had so much fun watching the kids have the time of their lives! 

Krazy Kayman

Kayman's very favorite thing is to be outside.  He loves running around and finding treasures.  He rode this tricycle quite a bit when we were in St. George.  There was a compartment in the back that he hid all kinds of treasures in.

This is his new "picture face."  He is such a character!
Caught ya!  He loves to play in Dallas's water.  At least it was outside this time and not on the kitchen floor.
This is Kayman doing his "Happy Feet" dance.  My busy boy is so much fun!  Love you buddy!

Go Jess!

Jessica wanted to go outside and ride bikes, but the bike she wanted to ride was already being used by Kayman.  She was nervous to try the bike with training wheels because she has only ridden tricycles up until this point.  She got on it and within seconds she was going on her own!  Hopefully she will have the confidence to try without training wheels by the end of the summer!  Go Jess!

Wheeler Farm

We took advantage of a beautiful day last week and went to Wheeler Farm with some friends.  The kids really enjoyed feeding the ducks and horses.  There were some cute baby animals there.  I just love spring!  We all have spring fever so bad!

Here are the girls with their friends Jackson, Sarah Kate, and Maren.

The girls were watching the ducks and being silly.
I was a little nervous that the ducks would get irritated that the girls were chasing them and start pecking at them, but Jess bit the dust before that could happen.
We are all very excited for summer to get here.  Farms, Parks and Zoos, here we come!

Crafts gone bad

The girls and I had some friends over for crafts.  We didn't have much time before ballet class, so we did something fairly quick.  We decided the dragonfly would be good, simple, yet sparkly.
We got them done and the girls were playing with them.  They thought they were pretty fun. 

Syd then had a great idea!  She likes to experiment and was curious what would happen if she put them in the microwave.  I was out of the room at the time, and my friend walked up on them just in time to find the girls staring at the microwave with shocked looks on their faces.  I don't think they were expecting their dragonfly's to catch on fire!
They have learned that it's not a good idea to put anything but food in the microwave.  I wonder why I don't do crafts more often?!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Family Day

We had a great day home with the family today.  It is conference weekend and we all spent the day together.  It was wonderful to hear the words of those that lead our church, and I really enjoyed the talks.  It is so rewarding to hear the kids come in the room when the hear the voice of our beloved Prophet and say, "Look mom, it's President Monson!"  The only down side to Conference weekend is that Syd is devastated that we can't go to church!  She broke down crying before bed because she said she wants to go to church anyway.  I told her nobody would be there, that everyone is home with their family watching conference, and she kept crying.  Poor thing!  I am glad she enjoys church and the feeling she gets there.  She is a very spiritual little girl.
I got quite a few fun pictures of the day.  Everyone had a lot of fun, and Andy and I even got a few projects done that we have been meaning to do for a while.

Here is Kayman playing on the floor and eating a banana.  His diet right now consists of bananas, fruit of any kind really, cereal, and spaghetti.  Everything else gets either spit out or thrown across the room.  Little stinker!
Syd and Kayman were having a great time with this doll stroller. 
Jessica's classical "I want my picture taken, but I'm too hyper!" face!
Kayman would spend all day outside if he could, he LOVES being outside!  I wasn't too thrilled about the snow, and I especially didn't want to go out in it.  Lucky for me, Syd loves to entertain her brother.  She volunteered to pull him around on the sled for a while, which he loved!
Although he wasn't too sure about all the gear he had to put on to go outside.  In this picture, Kayman is looking at Andy and yelling for help.  He was mad at me for putting all that junk on him, but I am sure he appreciated it once he got outside.  
Syd and Jess got a bit of Spring Fever!  They got their swim suits on and wanted a waterslide outside.  I told them it's too cold for a waterslide, but they didn't seem to mind the temperature.  They just stepped into their boots and made a waterslide with the snow instead of the hose.  They are CRAZY!!!

So, you can see here that they did have their coats and snow pants outside.  I'm not that bad of a mother.  I do send them out into the snow with a coat on, I just can't guarantee they will keep it on!

Stuck again!

Kayman is always getting stuck in things lately.  I walked into the pantry and found him trying to get out of this box!  He just kept signing "please" so I would help him get out.  He thought he was pretty funny.  What a silly kid!