Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Family Reunion

In June we went to St. George for a family reunion. We had such a great time down there with my family...there were about 60 of us.
I went down a day early to help my dad get the house ready. It was fun to have the house to ourselves for a day to swim and watch movies and spend time with my dad. I took the kids up to Dixie rock for some photos.

The kids took a bubble bath together in Grandpa's giant tub!
Out to the pool!

The girls and their cousin Abby eating chips by the pool. Such big girls.

We went on a family hike on my late Grandfather's favorite hiking trail. Everyone chose a rock to contribute to a little monument we made in his remembrance. Everyone said something they loved about grandpa. It was very sweet.
Andy got stuck carrying Kayman's and Jessica's rocks...of course they grabbed some of the biggest rocks they could find!
These are our family reunion T-shirts. The D is for Daniels (my maiden name) and is made up of all the names of the members of our family. Andy designed them and did a fabulous job!
Andy and me in front of my parents house.
Syd with her new idol. This is my cousin Lynsie and she and Syd were inseparable! Syd really loves her. They even look like they could be sisters!
My girls with my cousins Lynsie and Carly. We had a blast with the family. I didn't get a picture of all of us on my camera, I'll have to get a copy of it. I love my family!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jeth lotht her firtht tooth!

Translation is "Jess lost her first tooth." She is having a hard time saying her S's now. She was VERY excited to lose a tooth like her big sister. Her second tooth is on its way out too! It's strange to me that she is growing up so fast. She goes to Kindergarten in a few months and then it will just be me and my little man. I'm feeling old...

Cleaning jobs

Every day my girls have to do their "Chart" before they are allowed to go play or watch movies, etc. Their chart consists of 1. making their bed, 2. cleaning their toys up, 3. brushing their teeth, 4. fixing their hair (or having me fix it), 5. do their homework or read, and 6. a cleaning job. I usually let them decide what their cleaning job is and help them if they can't think of anything.
Today Syd decided to clean the entire bathroom downstairs! It's sparkling!
Jess saw the need and decided to organize the movies!
Kayman thought it was time for mom to mop the floor apparently. I couldn't get out of him why he decided to make this mess, his only answer these days is "Cuz." So I mopped the floor while he spent a little time in his bedroom where he can make whatever mess he wants to clean up.
The girls' friend brought them the soda and they left it on the porch while they were playing outside. Kayman decided to help himself to it. He's such a stinker! It's a dang good thing he's so cute!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

darn kids

This is what we came home to after a wonderful family reunion weekend in St. George. I'll post about the reunion after I've gone through all my pictures. My friend who was keeping an eye on the house found this when she came to feed the dog.
Whoever did it left the evidence right there on the porch...
We get a brand new window! Yay!

For the Love!

This was my lovely reward from Kayman while I cleaned out the fridge. I guess he was curious if the fish would swim. The entire bag of goldfish spreading all up the stairs like this. He had a good time cleaning it up too, which makes me nervous that he will do it again just to use the vacuum. The positive thing is that I now have a clean and organized fridge...AND freezer!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

They're Ba-ack!

Already destroying my garden, the infamous grasshoppers are back and have begun their attack! I noticed them about 2 weeks ago when they were about 1/8 inch long and they are growing VERY rapidly! I got the yard sprayed and hopefully they are all going to be dead here in a few days. They better not destroy my garden this year, or else I'm gonna, uh, be really mad again, I guess. What can you do? Killing them one at a time by burning them, watching Dallas attack and eat them, sending the kids out to catch them, although very rewarding, is not too effective. Die grasshoppers, DIE!!!