Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grocery Savings!

I am addicted to couponing! I have been doing it for a while now and have really cut down on our grocery spending. We have $350/month budgeted for groceries (which includes toiletries, diapers, cleaning supplies, food storage etc.) and used to go over budget by at least $50/month. Well, now that I have discovered the value (and fun) of couponing we have stayed well below $350 most of the time, and we have WAY more food storage than we ever did before! I save an average of 65-70% each grocery trip. The anticipation of what my final cost will be, and the joy of watching the numbers drop on the register are worth the time I spend organizing my shopping trip and slipping/printing coupons. I shop at Smiths most of the time because they run great deals, and it's very close to my house.
Check out my latest buy:
12 boxes of GM cereal ($1 or less per box) usually around $4
8 boxes betty crocker fruit snacks ($.75 each) usually over $3
1 Hidden Valley dressing ($.50) usually around $4
1 Huggies diapers ($5.99) usually $9.99
2 Zone protein bars ($.50) usually over $2
2 gallons ice cream ($3.97...not on sale, but totally necessary!)

I spent a grand total of $31.88! This would have come to $88.11 without Fresh Values and manufacturer coupons. This is a savings of 65%, I got 71% the other day on oatmeal and sausage. I'd have to say this was a pretty good shopping trip! Lots of cereal and lots of fruit snacks for the kids, and ice cream for me! :)

New School

The girls got into a local charter school called Providence Hall. I put their names in the lottery back in February and 3 days before school was about to start at their old school I got a call from Providence Hall telling me I had 24 hours to let them know if we were interested in taking the 2 open slots for the girls.
Andy and I talked about it and decided that it was definitely the best move for our family. So far, it has been wonderful! The girls love their teachers, I'm pleased with the curriculum, they come home happy and seem to be learning a lot! Here they are on their first days of school. (Jess started a few days after Syd because of Kindergarten testing)

I love that they wear uniforms! My little preppy girls!