Monday, November 16, 2009

My older man!


Andy had his birthday last week and turned 30! He is officially OLD! :) I tell him he's my distinguished older man. Nevermind the fact that I am only 6 months behind.

When he got home from work I took him out to dinner to Olive Garden. We enjoyed a nice dinner without distractions from the kids, but went home to them and had a little party.
Jess got her daddy some Flarp. It's puddy stuff that makes farting sounds when you push your fingers into it. She thinks it's hilarious and wanted to play with it all night! Syd got him a gum ball machine, then of course wanted some gum as soon as he opened it. They are such sweet girls! It was fun to watch them pick out gifts for him and see the excitement as he opened his gifts! Kayman got him some socks. I know, he was really excited too! :)
Happy Birthday Babe! We love you!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tiny Dancer

Ok, so she's not so tiny anymore, but she sure is a dancer! She is getting so good! She started at Vision DLC in the summer and has loved every minute of it! Syd got her first pair of competition dance sweats tonight! She looks so grown up in them. They have her name on the front and some fancy bling on the back. Here we go with the dance scene!

Monday, November 2, 2009



I went with some girlfriends to "This is it" last week and now I can't get enough Michael! This is an amazing film, and I highly recommend it. If you liked Michael Jackson even a little, you will appreciate it. It's the raw footage of the rehearsals for the concerts he was going to do in Europe during the summer. It really is a shame he died before this performance, because it would have been spectacular!

I always liked his music, and I LOVED watching him dance all growing up, though I never got too into him. I thought he was strange, but I always admired how he embraced himself in spite of everyone's opinions. You see him in his working environment in the film and it was very insightful. He is so passionate and involved in every aspect of the show. The rehearsals are just like concerts for him, he dances the whole time. It's not like he doesn't know the dances after all these years!

I have been listening to him for the last week, and now the kids love listening to him in the car! Today Kayman was singing "Beat it" and "I'm Bad"!!! I showed the girls videos of him dancing online and accidentally brought up the scary "Thriller" where he turns into a werewolf, and I turned it off immediately thinking it would scare the kids. Syd was definitely scared, but Jess wanted to watch it. I explained that it is pretend and let her watch it, and she has watched it about 10 times! She isn't fazed by it at all...should I be concerned?! After the scary part is over, she asks me to start it over for her. Hmmm, shouldn't my 4 year old girl think that is scary?!

What an amazing artist and performer he was! I always wished I could sing and dance, so I really enjoy watching those who can. Seriously, go see it!


This is being written a little later than I wanted. Once Halloween is over, I am so done with it, but I was too busy ripping out the dead flowers in my yard to get this done. That is something I have been procrastinating for weeks, and today's weather was irresistible!
We had a great Halloween! Syd was a fairy, Jess was a princess (again), Kayman was a rooster, I was a devil, and Andy was a hippie/rocker/long-haired-dude. My parents came out to see the kids in the afternoon so they could be home for their trick-or-treaters. They live at the top of a huge hill and lots of the kids make the trek up there for the BIG candy bars, so my parents like to be there for them. We had fun with them for a while at our house!
We had a trunk or treat at our church and got WAY too much candy! The kids loved it and I loved seeing all my primary kids in costume. They looked so cute! We then went home for our traditional "Frito Pie" Halloween dinner with Andy's family. Frito pie is frito's, chili, cheese, corn, tomatoes, and sour cream. So yummy! After dinner we headed out for more candy! It was fun to see the kids so happy and having fun. Kayman finally got the hang of it, but for a while he kept giving the people at the door his candy. What a sweetheart! Enjoy the pictures!

I have SO many pictures from Halloween, so I just made a slideshow for y'all.

I also wanted to post a few of my favorites cause I just LOVE them!