Saturday, June 20, 2009

WAY too busy!

A few weeks ago I decided to do a boutique today. It kept me so busy making enough jewelry for the show and getting all of my supplies put together for my booth. It turned out to be a great experience, the only problem was that it was supposed to be outside at Wheeler Farm, and it was a very stormy day. Luckily, they moved the boutique inside, but not many people came. I don't blame them, a rainy cold day is not ideal for taking your kids to a farm. I did have a good time though and sold a few items and got a few orders! Yay!

This is all in the midst of planning a Primary Activity for 110 kids, which I pulled off last weekend. And planning Sharing Time for Sundays, which is a huge task for me. I am not a fan of being up in front of people, especially when I have to entertain and teach them for 15 minutes. Not my favorite thing to do, but tomorrow is the last time until September! Maybe I will have a little time to clean the house and cook meals for my family! We have been eating out a lot lately.

I am so grateful for Andy and all of his help with everything while I was so busy the last few weeks. He has spent hours designing my business cards, order forms, etc. while helping out with the house and kids a ton. He is the greatest husband and best friend I could ask for! What a lucky woman I am! I count my blessings every day. I am so blessed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Where is your mother?!

Kayman loves to give Dallas his milk bones, so I gave one to Kayman to take to Dallas and let him outside with it.  About 1 minute later Kayman walked up to me like this.  Yea, that's the milk bone he is eating.  Not sure if he ate the top part, or if Dallas ate it and at Kayman snagged it back from him.  Either way, Kayman was quite enjoying his little snack.  He didn't mind when I made him give it back to Dallas though, he just laughed as Dallas ate it.  Silly kid!
My big helper Syd asked me if she could take Dallas and Kayman on a walk this afternoon.  Seeing as I HATE to take the dog for a walk, I was thrilled that she would volunteer to do this chore for me.  Don't worry, she only went about 2 houses down and back a few times, not around the neighborhood.  She strapped the leash through the handle of the stroller and took off with the boys.
Apparently Dallas saw a cat or something he just couldn't resist because suddenly I heard screaming coming from the front yard.  I ran to see what was going on.   Dallas had pulled his leash so hard that it dragged Syd to the ground and she skinned her elbow, and the stroller was literally upside down, with Kayman strapped in.  The poor guy was face down on the street!  He had a bloody nose and the scrapes you see here, but he was more scared of the blood than anything.  He's not a big fan of blood.  So we had an eventful evening.  Dallas was banished to his dog run as I cleaned up the bloody kids.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


My favorite fruit has always been strawberries, so naturally I grow them at home.  I grew up with them in my garden and remember eating them all summer as a child.  I loved picking them fresh and having a little treat right there without having to go inside.  Strawberry is my favorite flavor in most candies and flavored drinks, etc.  I love it!
Two years ago I planted 5 strawberry plants in my back yard and they have spread to about a 4 ft. by 12 ft. area.  We already have tons of strawberries, and now my kids love to go out and pick them.   Nothing better on a hot summer day, or an extremely rainy summer day in our case this year, than fresh strawberries from the garden!

Farm Day

We went to Wheeler Farm last week and I got some priceless shots of the kids that I just love!  Had to share...

Syd and Kayman feeding the ducks bread.
Jess playing in the club house.
Syd, Jess, and their friend Samantha looking at the cows.

Here are all 3 kids looking at the cows.  I wish you could hear Kayman's impression of a cow, it's hilarious!
Kayman playing in the dirt.
Watching the cows.  I love that he was looking through the bench, he was just chillin' there for a few minutes!
Kayman's favorite animal at the farm was by far the ducks and geese.  He would just watch them like this with his hands behind his back, or he would chase them quacking.  
Peeking through the club house window.
We love Wheeler Farm.  It's a few hours of free entertainment for the kids.  Pack a lunch and make a day of it!  We go there quite often.  The kids love it.

Dancin' in the Rain

The girls took ballet and tap and had their recital at the Sandy Amphitheater on June 1, and it rained harder than I remember in years!  It was insane.  The recital went on for a little bit, and then right after my girls' dance they cancelled the recital.  It was miserable for the dancers and most of the audience had taken off by then anyway.  Only the parents remained.
Here is a picture of syd dancing with some of her friends.  Syd is the 5th from the right.  She did the dance well and loved being on the stage.
Jess, on the other hand, was not a huge fan of the stage.  She is on the left with her hands in her mouth sobbing.  Her friend Rebecca is next to her wondering what on earth could be wrong, and her teacher Tiffany is trying to console her right before the dance started.   It didn't work.  Jess looked like this through the whole dance and by the time I got to her backstage she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown!  She was so upset!  Poor little thing got scared at the last minute and was cold in the rain.
Here we are after the show was cancelled.  I look like I just got out of the shower.  My mom was holding Kayman and kept him pretty dry, he loved watching the rain.  They rescheduled the remainder of the recital for the following week.
Here are Syd and Jess just before the second go at the recital, which also had a terrible rain storm.  Don't they look beautiful!  They were more excited to wear make-up than to dance!  Well, when it was time go to on stage, I saw that Jess didn't go out next to Syd like we had talked about.  Then I saw her in the arms of another mother who was trying to console her.  She got scared again and didn't even walk out on stage this time.  She had a slight case of stage fright! :)
As soon as Syd finished the two dances beautifully we went to Dairy Queen for ice cream.  The girls are changing to a studio my friend just opened and we are so excited!  They love to dance!

Preschool Graduation

Sydney graduated from preschool!  I can't believe my child is going to kindergarten next year!  I always told myself that when I had kids old enough to Elementary school I would officially be old.  Well, I guess it's official.  
Syd had a wonderful time at Preschool and is ready to go to Kindergarten in a couple months.  She learned a lot from Ms. Teresa and will always remember her.  For about a week after school got out she kept begging me to go visit her.  She loved her experience there.  She memorized her part for the graduation ceremony and said it perfectly, and she was one of the only kids I could hear singing the songs.  I really love my Sydney.  Here are some pictures...

Here I am with my sweet graduate and my 2 other very cooperative children.  Andy was out of town, but my mom and mother in law both came to support Syd.
Syd said her part perfectly!
Me and my Syd.  She's looking more like me every day!
Syd and her teacher, Ms. Teresa.  She is a wonderful woman who always had very nice things to say about Syd.  She will get to teach Jessica in a few months!  Thank you Ms. Teresa, you are wonderful!