Saturday, July 11, 2009

Make up

The girls are so obsessed with make up. I never let them wear it, unless it is for a dance recital, so they get creative. Syd figured out that the pollen from the lilies is pretty easy to get on her fingers, so she put on some eye shadow...
...and then Jess thought it was a good idea. How beautiful. FYI: It's a lot harder to get off than it is to put it on.

First Girlfriend

Kayman has found himself an older woman. Bella is just a month older than he is, and they are two peas in a pod! These two are so cute together! They were actually holding hands last week, but today they just partied outside.

Too cute!
They both like to pretend to be dogs. Kayman is lapping up the water that collected in the back of his car from the sprinklers. They kept taking turns getting drinks.

Happy Birthday Jessica!

Jessica turned 4 today! She has been so excited to be 4. For some reason, it is just so much better than 3! She is very excited to go to preschool in a few months and start doing things her big sister is doing. In February, right before Syd's birthday, Syd kept talking about going to Chucky Cheese's for her birthday, and she ended up choosing Boondocks when the day actually came. Ever since then, Jess has been saying that she is going to have her birthday party at
Chucky Cheese's. I couldn't let her down.

Here are the kids being themselves, after LOTS of sugar...if you couldn't tell!
Kayman got to play a little ball and couldn't have been happier! He loves to play ball!
The girls played lots of games and rode lots of little rides together.
Jess chose the party hat cake pan at the store the other day. This was my first attempt in decorating a cake in a creative way. She chose the colors and I did my best. I could use a little practice, so it looks like this may be the traditional birthday cake from now on!
Jess is the sweetest little girl. She is still very into princesses and dressing up. (She slept in her Cinderella dress last night!) Her gift from Andy and me was a Princess vanity for her room, and she was sitting at it all day long! She loves to put on make-up, paint her nails, and dress pretty. It is rare when she doesn't have a skirt on.

Jess loves to sing songs she has learned at church and on movies. She doesn't like to be caught singing too often, she gets a little shy. Jess is a funny girl who makes me laugh every single day. She even makes me laugh when she is in trouble. She knows just the right face to pull at just the right time to get off the hook. It's hard to discipline when she does that, but somehow I manage. :)

I am so lucky to have Jess in my home. She is a wonderful child. She is happy and energetic and very creative. I love her originality and unique personality. She likes it when I lie down with her at night and the talks we have are hilarious. I learn a lot about her during this special time with her. I admire her and try to be as carefree as she is. Happy Birthday Jess! We love you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Newborn Goat

Syd got to hold a 1 day old goat today! Our home teachers own quite a bit of property and they raise goats and hens. They have 2 female goats and one just gave birth yesterday to two cute little baby goats. We were excited for the invitation to come hold them. Jess was a little hesitant and didn't want to touch them, but Syd loved it! They also had kittens and bunnies there. A few months back these wonderful people brought us a few dozen fresh eggs from their hens! We are so lucky to live where we do and have such great neighbors! Who needs Wheeler Farm anyway?!

Independence Day

We had a wonderful 4th of July. We went camping at Bear Lake for a few days before the 4th and avoided all the Holiday crowds, and them headed up to the cabin on the 4th. The kids had a great time playing outside, riding bikes on the dirt roads, and Dallas gave himself a bath in the river. (I guess he was tired of waiting around for us to give him one.)

Here are the kids at the house before we headed to the cabin. They love the flag and were excited to have one in our yard. Kayman kept shaking the pole and making the flag wave, he loved it! They are all decked out in their red, white, and blue!


This is what happens when we turn Syd loose with the dog and an old Halloween costume! Syd loves to dress up and she thought shed let Dallas have a turn. He didn't seem to mind too much, he is smiling for the camera!
I can tell he is just a little embarrassed though. This dog puts up with a lot!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fathers Day

Andy got a tie for Fathers Day, and Kayman got one to match. So cute! Look at my handsome guys! I am so lucky to have them in my life. What a wonderful father Andy is to all the kids, and we are all so luck to have him. He is such a devoted and loving father. Thanks babe! We love you!