Friday, September 16, 2011

Caught in the Groove

I am a drummer. I have played the drums since I was 14. I took a 12 year hiatus when I moved away to college, but I have recently picked up the sticks. We call ourselves Caught in the Groove, and we love to make music. It feels so good to play again. I love being back behind the drums, it is s beautiful stress reliever!
We got band photos taken, and here you go:
Patrick, Laura, Steph, Gary
And my solo picture. How ya like me now?!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Andy and I went out shooting for the first time in a long time. Two years for me, though he goes more frequently. About a year ago, he went to an intense training course at Front Site Firearms Training where he learned how to use the AK47 with great precision. He took me out West of Utah Lake to test it out.
Andy with his AK
I prefer to shoot the M44. That thing has some kick! And the bayonet is pretty bad-a.
This is the awesome target Andy made so we can see how precise we are. After each round of shots we cover the holes with tape, that way we can tell who is getting the kill shots. It's usually not me, but I did get the guy right in the face! Never mind the fact that I was aiming for the chest. He would be dead nonetheless. Yeah, so I need to work on my accuracy. We'll be heading to Front Site soon enough for some classes. Don't mess!

Cowabunga Baby!

We spent many many days at Cowabunga Bay this summer. We got season passes and went there at least once a week. The kids had a great time on all the waterslides and in the lazy river, and I would either read my book or chat with friends. It was a lot of fun for all of us! We had a terrific summer!!!

Back to School...

The girls started back to school! They love their Charter school and that they get to wear uniforms. We all love that. It makes getting dressed in the mornings a no brainer. The girls both got wonderful teachers and were so excited for their first day of school!
Even though it was a warm day, they insisted on wearing their boots and leg warmers. The were hot by the end of the day, but they sure looked cute.
We are grateful they are in the school they are. They have both done very well so far. They love the new friends they are making, and their favorite thing to do after school is come home and tell me what they did nice for somebody else that day. Jess is usually finding someone on the playground who needs a friend, and then goes to them and asks them to play with her. Syd is wonderful at helping her friends clean up their messes, or helping someone pick up something they dropped. Both have made some great friends and love their teachers. So far so good!

Garden Bounty

This was a great harvest day in the garden, especially considering I have hardly done a thing this year to take care of it. I have not had the intense desire to be in the yard this summer. I planted the seeds, they grew, and here is my produce.
Even Dallas loves the tomatoes. He was stealing them out of my bowl.


My children are so sweet. I was getting some house work done and when I came into the kitchen, I saw this bowl full of tomatoes with this note attached. The kids had gone out to the garden and picked all the tomatoes for me. Then they wrote me this sweet love note to go with it. Being a stay at home mom is the most under appreciated job, in my opinion, but these precious moments make it all worth it.


I just want to make some delicious grape juice, don't ruin it!

Man's Adventures

I woke up Sunday morning around 6 to blood curdling screaming coming from Sydney's room. I ran in there to find Kayman at the foot of Syd's bed in severe pain, and Syd apologizing to him. She had accidentally kicked him in the neck while they were both sleeping. He would not move on his own. I carried him to his own bed to lie down with him and try to comfort him a little. He screamed for at least an hour before he was able to drift back to sleep for a bit.

He was not able to lift his head from his pillow. Kayman is usually up around 7 and ready for breakfast. When 9:30 came around and he was still refusing to move, Andy brought him some Cheerios in a bag and a sippy cup of OJ. He was hurting so much. At one point he told me his arms were hurting, and when he turned his neck he said his foot hurt. That made me very nervous, so we got him in the car and took him to Instacare. (A big thank you to my friend Rachel who took the girls with her to church so we could both be with Kayman)
Kayman got a neck brace very quickly after we came in, then an X-ray of his neck. He was a whole new kid once he got the brace on. Here he is being silly with the technician after she gave him a sticker and a sucker.
And who would think we could keep him still for a second? No, I didn't think so. He is unstoppable. The X-ray came back normal, he wore the brace for 4 days, and now he is just fine. What's next?!

Kayman started preschool! He is growing up way too fast. This little man of mine takes everything he does and does it all the way. He loves preschool. He loves his backpack (because it has flames on it and he pretends to burn people with the fire). He loves his school shoes. He loves teacher, Mrs. Teresa. He loves the time with his friends. And I love the time all by myself for 5 hours a week!

Kayman was so excited for his first day of school. He's such a handsome little boy.
We tried riding bikes the second day. He loved it, until he got about 2 houses away. Then he got tired and decided he was done riding. He got off his bike, sat on the grass, and refused to get up. With a little coaxing I was able to talk him into making it the rest of the way to preschool. The ride home was the same story. He also did not want his picture taken.
Kayman insists on wearing his snow boots with everything, he loves his sunglasses, and he wore his last wristband from Cowabunga Bay for nearly 2 weeks. He's also quite the Cowboys fan.
He picked out this SWAT team uniform for his Halloween costume from Costco. We love Costco, by the way. He wore this for 2 days and still tries to handcuff everyone who comes close enough. It's pretty hilarious to watch this kid ride around on his bike in this uniform blowing his whistle at everyone. Here he is looking pretty tough.