Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Blog About Love

I found a new blog.

My latest addiction.

It is written by a beautiful couple living in New York who were put through many trials over the last few years. They were each married previously and those marriages both ended in divorce. The two of them found each other through a mutual friend and they fell in love through email.

Their story is incredibly romantic.

Their love is very deep and real.

Their advice is priceless.

They have a story to tell, and it will be well worth your time to head over to www.ablogaboutlove.com and read up. They are simply lovely, both of them, though I only know one of them personally. I went to high school with Danny, but we were never more than locker buddies. Somehow we always had our lockers close together. He was always very happy and kind and ALWAYS had a smile on his face. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by his radiance and kept my distance because I was nervous. He’s one of those people who everybody wants to know. His wife seems to be very much the same way, she’s electric!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Closer Every Day

In December, my ward’s Relief Society passed out this packet called 21 Days Closer to Christ. We were challenged to do the daily reading assignments for the 21 days in an effort to gain a stronger testimony of our Savior. This challenge would end on Christmas day, and I knew I was in desperate need of a closer relationship with Christ, so I took it!

I came home from church, and after a lovely family dinner at my parents house, I sat down with my packet and read through the challenge for Day 1. It got me thinking about all of the different things I had in my life that keep me from doing the things I know I should. The distractions. Some were good things, some were bad. Some things were simply a waste of time, others were deliberately pulling me away from God.

I was thinking about my testimony, how I had left it by the wayside recently, and what I was going to do about it. I committed right then and there to change. I decided to become the person I am meant to be. The person God knows I can become. I decided to work daily on becoming a better mother, wife, and daughter of God. I felt very motivated that I would keep up with this challenge, the daily reading, the writing of my thoughts, and the growing closer to Christ, no matter what it took.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, we all have seen this a time or two in our individual lives. The Lord has been working on me for a long time. I look back at the last year of my life and see the times when He has carried me along, the times I pushed Him away, and the times I wished He was with me. I realized as I started this challenge that I had been pushing Him away, and it was time for me to let Him back into my life. I had some changes to make.

I continued to read the scriptures and think about the things each daily challenge told me to, and I wrote each day my experience with it. My testimony has grown more in the last month than it ever has. I am close with my Savior. I have a much better understanding of the Atonement than I ever did in the past. I am re-committed to the Lord. I have turned my life over to Him in a way that I never have before, and He is carrying me along. He is blessing me. I have never been happier in my life. My marriage has never been better. My heart has never been so content. I love my Savior.