Friday, February 7, 2014

Time for a bath

Sometimes I feel like I'm a really good mom.  Sometimes I feel like a really crappy mom.  Sometimes when I'm being a really crappy mom and still feel like a good mom I get a little confused.  I was feeling like a pretty good mom until this happened.

Tonight as I was tucking my son into bed, I noticed that his socks were dirty and helped him take them off.  He said, "How many days ago was Sunday?" before I noticed that these socks are the same socks he wore to church.  5 days ago.  Seriously?  Somehow this child of mine managed to escape the bath police all week long!

He hadn't even taken his socks off.  How did I not notice that?  So gross.

I made good and sure that the girls got their showers throughout the week.  Our general rule is this:

"If you didn't shower yesterday, shower today"

Plus, it's much easier to tell when the girls need one because their hair gets greasy.  Man was sneaky enough to steer clear and avoided bathing all week long.

This reminds me of an award my daughter once made for me...

I don't remember what I did to warrant this kind of harassment, but I'm sure it was something equally as awful as not bathing my child for 5 days.

I'm so embarrassed.  Why on earth am I publishing this for all the world to know?  I'm not really sure, other than I want you all to feel a little better about your parenting skills.  It's a good thing I stopped at 3 kids, I'm not very good at this.

Some people probably bathe their dogs more that every 5 days.  Speaking of which, I don't remember the last time the dog had a bath either...

I DID, however, make sure Man had clean clothes to wear, so you know I'm not completely neglectful mother.  I even let him play in the dryer for a while today.  Here he is looking out at me while he spins around.

I know, I know.  It's a good thing he's so darn cute.


  1. Hey, I followed you from your comment on Emily's blog and I had to comment because I can so relate to this. Sometimes I will be folding my weekly laundry and realize that a certain child or two doesn't have a single pair of underwear in the pile... maybe because the same pair has been on his/her body all week? Oh dear! That's when I feel like a bad mother, but hey, these things won't matter a few years from now, right??? :)

    1. Haha! The underwear thing is harder to catch. I usually go with your idea that it won't matter in a few years. I ask myself, "Will this make a difference in 10 years?" and if the answer is no, I let it go.

  2. I hope Pee-Baby makes me a "worst mom" sign one day...
    So glad you blogged about it!

    1. I should hope so! It's usually a sign of good parenting. :)

  3. I seriously laughed so hard reading this. We do notice one particular child having less underwear to wash as well. We have the same mantra on the shower as you. You are a great mom. Wish we could get together sometime and have lunch. Too bad we live 800 miles away...

  4. You are a great mom. Most of the world doesn't bathe more than once a week, so what's the big deal if a little 6-year-old boy skips a few days. The important thing is he's learning to become a man... responsibility, hard work, respect, loyalty, and honor. If he was missing out on those, then I'd be worried. Focus on the important things, and don't sweat the rest.


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