Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 3, best day ever!

Today was one of the most amazing days in a VERY long time! I did some pretty sweet things. I started the day waking up just early enough to get a very yummy breakfast buffet with the Alphagraphics Franchisees before their meeting started. Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, a blueberry pancake with coconut syrup, fresh fruit and some pineapple juice. Ok, so I over ate just a little. It is ok though, I went straight out for a walk along with beach with my mother in law, Karen, for an hour. We walked by the resort (Grand Wailea) we stayed in last January when I came with my family. The walking trail goes for miles down the beach. It's beautiful!
I then came back to the room and stretched for a bit before heading out to the pool for a couple of hours. I got some reading in before we went to a restaurant at the hotel where HP (one of the Alphagraphics vendors) sponsored lunch. We got whatever we want, and I had a delicious chicken stir fry lunch with a raspberry mango smoothie. And a DP, of course.
After lunch we went to Kihei to surf. The water was not ideal, but I did catch a few waves. We were out there with my inlaws and Andy's sister Hol and her family (Bandon, Micaela, Izzy and Ava).

Andy and I surfing side by side. Haha! Andy fell just as the picture was being taken. Can you believe the huge wave we caught?! Massive. I know, I was scared for my life.

What's better than being in Hawaii with your true love? Um, surfing with him. That was pretty sweet.
After surfing we came back and got showered for dinner with the other owners. The dinner started out with cocktails and chatting, then we got a picnic dinner. This was supposed to happen out on the lawn, but it started raining a few hours before so it was moved inside. Anyway, we ate our yummy dinner, laughed with good company, and then headed to do our little art project. They had fish molds that you could paint, then press the paper over and essentially stamp it onto the paper. The trick is to paint it cool, and then your picture turns out cool!
We got talking to a few other owners and one of the women was talking about going up on stage and asking the band if she could sing a few songs. She did it, started playing guitar and singing, and after a couple of songs I felt compelled to go play the drums! I asked the drummer if I could play a song, and he was fine with it! I went up there and played about 4 songs with them.

It was so incredible. I haven't played on stage for years and years. I don't remember the last time I did that. It was so awesome! I had so much fun. I did pretty well over all. There were a few times I couldn't really feel it, but then again, I have never really played blues before. It was so amazing to be on stage again doing what I love. Most of the people had gone by the time I got up there, only about 20 people remained, but I knew most of them and none of them had a clue that I even played the drums. They were all very impressed. What an incredible night this was. The whole day, really. Walking along the beach, lying by the pool, surfing, playing the drums. Epic. Best vacation EVER!


  1. I knew you played the drums ;) totally jealous though. Seems like you are having so much fun

  2. Wow this trip seems so awesome! I had no idea you played the drums - so random :)


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