Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Days 7 and 8

We headed out to try to surf this morning, but there weren't any waves. Too bad! We decided to lay out by the pool until it was time to leave for the North Shore for Karen and my massage!

The massage was at a place called Hale Ho'omana and they did Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage that was the best I have ever had. It felt so good. I loved it! It was way up on the hillside of Mt. Haleakala at a retreat spa. The guys watched the surfers on the big waves at the North Shore while karen and I were pampered.
We had dinner reservations at a Bistro called the 808, which was delicious. I had pork and beans and it was the best pork I have ever had. So yummy! We had to wait until 8:00 to get to the restaurant, so we hit up Hilo Hatties and the ABC store for a few necessities before we head home tomorrow. We got some coconut candy and the coconut syrup we all love. We go through that stuff so fast, we bought 5 bottles of it! :) Mmmmm, German pancakes, here we come!
The last full day of Hawaii. We got up and I headed to one last yoga class, which was incredible. We did some hip opening exercises, and my hips felt like butter afterward. It got me all loosey-goosey. (That's not a medical term, though I did have a Doctor tell me that before. My joints are all pretty loose and they pop and crack all the time. The explanation from the Doctor was that I'm loosey-goosey.)
Anywho, after yoga Andy and I walked along the beach walk for about 30 minutes, hung out at the beach for another 30 minutes, then it was time to go pack up. Bitter-sweet day.

whales are breaching in the distance
turtles steal a quick breath of air
their heads peeking out of the water
if only for a moment
the heat beats down
into my glistening skin
roaring waves crash onto the sand
a welcome cool breeze swifts by
blowing my tangled hair
and cooling me
I lie on a bleached white towel
digging in the sand with my toes
a book in hand
sunglasses slipping down
the bridge of my nose
sweet bird songs
sung from the palm leaves above
singing of the paradise
that is Maui

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