Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 5 in Paradise!

I started out the day with some yoga again. It felt SO good! I'm loving this instructor we have here at the resort. She is amazing. She has the same issues I do with my back and she started yoga about 15 years ago. She no longer has all the pain and issues she used to have with her scoliosis because of the yoga she has been involved in. She is an older hippie woman I wish I could take yoga from every day. She is great!

I headed to the pool for a few hours in the morning after yoga, and I roasted myself. The sun was just perfect. Hot enough to need a cool off in the pool, but didn't burn me with only spf 8 on. Perfect! :) I read a little and relaxed a lot before we headed out to Kihei for lunch and a little shopping. It started raining so after eating at the Tiki Lounge we went to the shops for a bit. We got the kids each a gift. We got ourselves a gift. Then we got ourselves what we really came here for...a Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Mmmmm, a snow cone with ice cream in the bottom. I got coconut, guava and passion. It was divine. If you've never had a real Hawaiian shaved ice, it's worth coming here for.

When we got back from shopping we had about an hour before we needed to get ready for our dinner party. Andy and I headed out to the beach to get some pictures while the lighting was amazing. We got a few of each other, but nobody was there to get another one of us together.

So I'm clearly no model, but these are some of the shots Andy got of me on the beach.

Watching the storm in the distance. The ocean looked so beautiful!

We had the Alphagraphics Celebration dinner tonight that came with wonderful food and great entertainment. Some of the local children did their hula dancing for us. They ranged in age from 4 to 8, and they were incredibly good dancers!

At the dinner, every franchise that is invited here goes up when the representatives from Corporate read our names and we give all of the Corporate employees hugs (or high five's depending on your preference). It's a tradition at Gold Circle event to do this and they tell everyone how many years each franchise has been a member of the Gold Circle group. The group consists of the top 15 % of the Alphagraphics by sales revenue. This year was our 6th year as part of this group, which is a huge accomplishment. It says a lot about how hard Andy and Steve work and all they accomplish. We are privileged to be able to take part in this with so many knowledgable business people and friends. It's been an honor for me to be part of this and getting to know so many of them. I hope we make it again next year!
This was the last night for Hol and Brandon and their family. We went to say goodbye to them after dinner. They are leaving Hawaii and heading to GA for a couple weeks before moving to SLC! I am very excited that they will be moving close to us. We love their family so much and the girls can't wait to have more cousins close by!
Until tomorrow!

This is an awesome picture Andy took of the rocks up on the beach. The waves continually wash over this rock, so there is some pretty cool stuff growing on there. The colors are so rich!

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