Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Fun

We took the family to Classic Skating, a local skating ring, this week and we all had so much fun! The girls tried out skating and Kayman cruised around on his scooter like a mad man! I used to go to Classic with a good friend of mine, Lindsey, nearly every week in 8th grade. We had so much fun there! So many good memories! Come to think of it, that is where my Dr. Pepper addiction started...
Here I am making the rounds.
Syd and me taking a break.
Syd picked it up pretty quick and took off on her own for a while...until she fell and hurt her wrist.
Jess didn't dare let go of daddy's hand. She was a little unstable and couldn't quite figure out how to stand on her own two feet.
Kayman quite enjoyed this activity! He had this crazy look on his face most of the time and only took a break to go shoot the guns on the video games when he passed them.
What a great night that was! It was a good warm up for me, I am going back next week for a friends birthday party! Girls only, and it's an 80's theme! Oh yea, baby! Can't wait!

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