Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One, Two, Buckle my shoe

Syd had her first presentation at school! She memorized the nursery rhyme "One Two Buckle my Shoe" and presented it to her Kindergarten class and lots of parents. She didn't even get too nervous. We came up with some signs I could give her from across the room to prompt her if she forgot, and she only needed my help 2 times!
One, Two, Buckle my shoe
Three, Four, knock on the door
Five, Six, pick up sticks
Seven, Eight, lay them straight
Nine, Ten, big fat hen
Eleven, Twelve, dig and delve
Thirteen, Fourteen, maids in courting
Fifteen, Sixteen, maids in the kitchen
Seventeen, Eighteen, maids in waiting
Nineteen, Twenty, my plate's empty

I had never heard the whole thing before so we learned it together. Syd took a shovel for her prop and pretended to dig during the line "dig and delve." She did so great! I was so proud of her.

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