Tuesday, December 22, 2009


The girls started taking dance at Vision Dance in September and have learned SO much! They have great teachers who have taught them very well. They have both improved so much since they started there!
Jessica has become so flexible and gained so much balance! Syd is getting more flexible and is so strong. She works very hard to be sure to get each step right. They both pay a great deal of attention to detail and practice a lot! They really enjoy dancing!

Syd danced to toe Nutcracker song and did such a great job. She has wonderful stage presence. She smiled beautifully the entire time and didn't miss a step!
The pictures I got of Jess were too far back and she was behind another girl the whole time so they didn't turn out. Luckily we got video of her dance. She danced to Mariah Carey's version of "Santa Claus is coming to town" and it was adorable! She took it very seriously and practiced at least 5 times a day as she was learning it!

I am so excited that they both love to dance and that we are able to take them to such a great studio!

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  1. so cute! they are getting so big and they are so cute! when are you coming to St. George, lets get together...it has been way too long!


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