Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

We headed to St. George to spend Thanksgiving with my family. My parents have a place down there that they purchased with the intent to flip, but now they have fallen in love with the house and all the amenities that go along with it. Our whole family is able to stay there without feeling crowded.
We had 19 people sleeping there, and ended up with about 25 there for Thanksgiving dinner, and everybody had something to do without getting in anybody's way. They house is very accommodating to large groups, and is equipped with a pool, hot tub, pool table, theatre, game table, trampoline, and basketball court. Everyone had a great time just being together at the house. We were all there most of the weekend spending time together, and everyone was busy so there was no reason to leave the house! It was a wonderful weekend!

Here is Jess showing off her turkey she made in Preschool. She really wanted to take it with us, but was okay with just taking a picture with it instead.

The traditional Thanksgiving morning football game. I was the official camera (wo)man. Good thing, cause I'm not much of an athlete. They played at the Encampment Mall at Dixie College.
Kayman kept running out on the field thinking he'd like to play a little football too!

My two guys wiped out from the game!

This is my dad with his 2 most recent interests. The house behind him is the one spoken of earlier in the post. My dad has spent the last few months completely remodeling the house...I mean completely! He moved the staircase, tore out and re-built walls, basically stripped the place to the studs and floorboards and changed the entire look of it. He was the contractor and did much of the work. He has such vision and it turned out so beautiful! I love my dad and am so grateful for his generosity!
And the motorcycle. He just purchased it and is off to ride around St. George with one of his buddies.

This was definitely the best Thanksgiving ever! We spent lots of time together as a family and with lots of extended family we rarely get to see. Thanks mom and dad for sharing your home with us and for helping us so much with the kids! We love you and are SO grateful for you!

I am very grateful for my family and for how close we all are. I am so blessed to live close to them and to get to see them all so often. I love my children and my sweet husband. I am so blessed.

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