Monday, November 16, 2009

My older man!


Andy had his birthday last week and turned 30! He is officially OLD! :) I tell him he's my distinguished older man. Nevermind the fact that I am only 6 months behind.

When he got home from work I took him out to dinner to Olive Garden. We enjoyed a nice dinner without distractions from the kids, but went home to them and had a little party.
Jess got her daddy some Flarp. It's puddy stuff that makes farting sounds when you push your fingers into it. She thinks it's hilarious and wanted to play with it all night! Syd got him a gum ball machine, then of course wanted some gum as soon as he opened it. They are such sweet girls! It was fun to watch them pick out gifts for him and see the excitement as he opened his gifts! Kayman got him some socks. I know, he was really excited too! :)
Happy Birthday Babe! We love you!


  1. Tell him we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  2. I love the presents the girls got him! Enjoy your last 6 months in your 20s!


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