Monday, June 15, 2009

Where is your mother?!

Kayman loves to give Dallas his milk bones, so I gave one to Kayman to take to Dallas and let him outside with it.  About 1 minute later Kayman walked up to me like this.  Yea, that's the milk bone he is eating.  Not sure if he ate the top part, or if Dallas ate it and at Kayman snagged it back from him.  Either way, Kayman was quite enjoying his little snack.  He didn't mind when I made him give it back to Dallas though, he just laughed as Dallas ate it.  Silly kid!
My big helper Syd asked me if she could take Dallas and Kayman on a walk this afternoon.  Seeing as I HATE to take the dog for a walk, I was thrilled that she would volunteer to do this chore for me.  Don't worry, she only went about 2 houses down and back a few times, not around the neighborhood.  She strapped the leash through the handle of the stroller and took off with the boys.
Apparently Dallas saw a cat or something he just couldn't resist because suddenly I heard screaming coming from the front yard.  I ran to see what was going on.   Dallas had pulled his leash so hard that it dragged Syd to the ground and she skinned her elbow, and the stroller was literally upside down, with Kayman strapped in.  The poor guy was face down on the street!  He had a bloody nose and the scrapes you see here, but he was more scared of the blood than anything.  He's not a big fan of blood.  So we had an eventful evening.  Dallas was banished to his dog run as I cleaned up the bloody kids.

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  1. It sounds like things have been pretty eventful lately :) I can't believe how big your kids look now. They are so cute!
    mmmmm Strawberries. My favorite too. You make me want to plant some in my garden. :)


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