Sunday, June 14, 2009

Farm Day

We went to Wheeler Farm last week and I got some priceless shots of the kids that I just love!  Had to share...

Syd and Kayman feeding the ducks bread.
Jess playing in the club house.
Syd, Jess, and their friend Samantha looking at the cows.

Here are all 3 kids looking at the cows.  I wish you could hear Kayman's impression of a cow, it's hilarious!
Kayman playing in the dirt.
Watching the cows.  I love that he was looking through the bench, he was just chillin' there for a few minutes!
Kayman's favorite animal at the farm was by far the ducks and geese.  He would just watch them like this with his hands behind his back, or he would chase them quacking.  
Peeking through the club house window.
We love Wheeler Farm.  It's a few hours of free entertainment for the kids.  Pack a lunch and make a day of it!  We go there quite often.  The kids love it.

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  1. Wow that picture of Kayman looking through the bench is priceless! He is such a handsome little guy, sure love him!


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