Sunday, June 14, 2009


My favorite fruit has always been strawberries, so naturally I grow them at home.  I grew up with them in my garden and remember eating them all summer as a child.  I loved picking them fresh and having a little treat right there without having to go inside.  Strawberry is my favorite flavor in most candies and flavored drinks, etc.  I love it!
Two years ago I planted 5 strawberry plants in my back yard and they have spread to about a 4 ft. by 12 ft. area.  We already have tons of strawberries, and now my kids love to go out and pick them.   Nothing better on a hot summer day, or an extremely rainy summer day in our case this year, than fresh strawberries from the garden!


  1. Yummy! Do you make homemade jam with them? I love homemade jam! It's the only kind I will eat. We need to get together sometime...

  2. Yes, perhaps while I am down, we can get together and play. We get there on Friday and come home Monday afternoon. So I will see what we are up to and give you a call if we have a time we can get together.

  3. I remember strawberries growing in the front of the old house on Lazon...course I was all of three years old, I could be wrong? I am so jealous of your garden!

  4. Brace yourself because my kids will eat them ALL when we come this summer!


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