Sunday, June 14, 2009

Preschool Graduation

Sydney graduated from preschool!  I can't believe my child is going to kindergarten next year!  I always told myself that when I had kids old enough to Elementary school I would officially be old.  Well, I guess it's official.  
Syd had a wonderful time at Preschool and is ready to go to Kindergarten in a couple months.  She learned a lot from Ms. Teresa and will always remember her.  For about a week after school got out she kept begging me to go visit her.  She loved her experience there.  She memorized her part for the graduation ceremony and said it perfectly, and she was one of the only kids I could hear singing the songs.  I really love my Sydney.  Here are some pictures...

Here I am with my sweet graduate and my 2 other very cooperative children.  Andy was out of town, but my mom and mother in law both came to support Syd.
Syd said her part perfectly!
Me and my Syd.  She's looking more like me every day!
Syd and her teacher, Ms. Teresa.  She is a wonderful woman who always had very nice things to say about Syd.  She will get to teach Jessica in a few months!  Thank you Ms. Teresa, you are wonderful!

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