Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This could change my life

Could this be it? The delicious drink that changes my life? I was browsing around on Pinterest last night, (after a long break...I'm not addicted, I'm not addicted, I'm not addicted) and found this:

Source: nestofposies-blog.com via Stephanie on Pinterest

I HAD to try it out, these drinks look delicious! And coconut flavored tonic water? Yum! I haven't ever been able to choke down tonic water on it's own, it tastes like Alkaseltzer, which is a nasty heartburn medicine.

I am starting Lifetime Wellness next Monday and have been looking for alternatives to the Dr. Pepper I am going to miss dearly. I love coconut, so I thought I would try this cute little drink out. Just the coconut water is nasty, but once I added fresh squeezed orange juice, chopped strawberries, a drop of lime essential oil, and (of course) a pinch of raw sugar, it is DELICIOUS!!!! Here is my creation:

And yes, you must drink it out of a mason jar. That makes it cooler.


  1. i quite drinking Dr Pepper about 2 months ago, and I drink the La Croix sparkling waters, but I dont mind their flavor. They are a great substitute when you miss the zing of carbonation

  2. I've got to give up Diet Pepsi! I've done it before...just need to get back in that mind set again. I only have one a day and it still kills me when I pop the lid.
    How is the challenge going? I went to the website. Looks fun, motivating, and competitive. Also, healthy. I'm interested to hear how it's going.


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