Monday, March 19, 2012


My kids with their cousins! Awe, so stinkin' cute! Brad's boy, Gabe, turns 2 at the end of the month, and Jaycie's baby boy, Cole, is almost 3 months old.

This is a personality picture for sure.

Syd is the oldest and has sure acted the part since she turned 8. Suddenly she is so responsible and helpful! She is holding Cole, who is the most adorable little baby ever! He is so handsome and so mellow. Then there's Kayman, always making a silly face or being goofy, he is our clown. Gabe is such a ham, he is always flashing that gorgeous smile of his and has every one of us at his beckon call. Then you've got Jess, smiling just long enough to get the picture over with so she can get back to whatever she was doing...yet refusing to look at the camera.

These kids are all so amazing in their own way. I love them so much! What a precious picture this is!

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