Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My baby's birthday

Kayman turned 4!!! He has been so excited to be 4 years old. He asked me about a week before his birthday if he was still 3, he didn't want to have missed anything. He loves being able to ride in a booster seat now instead of his big bulky car seat. I feel old now, no more car seats in the ole minivan! It's a good change, but it still makes me feel old.

We had a little party for Kayman on Thanksgiving with Nana and Papa since they were headed out to Hawaii and would not be around to celebrate with us on his birthday. Lucky them, in Hawaii! He got a tool kit and outfit from them. He has been going around the house with his screw driver "fixing" everything. It's so cute!

Then on the night before his birthday we had the rest of the family out to celebrate. My parents, Jaycie, and Andy's sister and her family made it out for the party! It was a lot of fun. We love having so much family so close and so supportive of our children.

Kayman had a great time spitting --errr, blowing out his candles.
He got a Nerf gun! He loves that! He also got a Marshmallow gun, which he loves even more. He shoots out the marshmallows, then picks them up and eats them. He got train stuff and matchbox cars as well. Lots of new toys!!!
Syd and Jess both made him a special gift. Syd made a K with a paper plate and smarties. Jess made Felix the Cat on a paper plate with smarties. They thought of this themselves and figured out how to do it. Very sweet.
Kayman about to shoot me with the Nerf gun!
Kayman with his daddy. He loves his daddy so much. When Andy gets home from work, Kayman runs up to him and immediately starts wrestling with him.
He was a little hyper from all the cake and ice cream and excitement of the night, and he wasn't too interested in being serious for a picture with mom.
I stole a birthday kiss anyway.
And then I tickled him relentlessly, until he said, "Pause!"
Happy birthday Man. I love you! You are the highlight of my days now that we get to spend all day together, just you and me. We have a lot of fun playing with your trains, your books, watching movies, going shopping, and going out to lunch to McDonalds. You are such a sweet and loving boy. I love you so much!


  1. Wow! Man looks soon big. Crazy what a difference a year makes in our kids. He has a great smile. Does he still scream in church? :)

  2. Way cute pics! He looks just like his daddy I think. :) I hope he had a wonderful birthday it sure looks like he did from all the wonderful pics.


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