Saturday, December 10, 2011

Date with Syd

Today was my day to take Syd out on a little date with mom. It was very simple, we went to the Library, the "Up" house, and then to the gas station for a treat. We have not been to the library in far too long, and she has wanted some Cam Jensen books for quite a while. We got her a few of them and then headed to the "Up" house. It is awesome!

Syd was excited to find the secret room upstairs. They did a fabulous job decorating the place to look just like the house in the movie. There was a little girls room in there that was so beautifully decorated, I pointed out to Syd how nice it was all clean and clutter-free. She loved it. I think I have her motivated to get her room all nice again. She wants to make it cute but not like a "little girl" as she put it. She is feeling more grown up and ready for a change. Maybe we can do that for her birthday, she'd love it!
She loves going to get a treat at the gas station. Usually I just grab a drink and the kids don't get anything, I'm mean like that, so for her to choose something was quite a big deal for her. She loved it! We had a good time together. I love my Syd!

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