Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Will it Float?

I came into the kitchen and found this in the sink:
Jess told me she and Kayman were doing a science experiment. She just wanted to see if they would float or not.
I am loving all that the kids are learning in school. Jess has intense interest in so many different subjects because of school. She loves to play school at home and sets up different "Centers" for Kayman to work on. They are all learning so much. The girls bring home what they learn and teach Kayman! It's great!

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  1. Paige does the same thing with Dallin. She plays school all day every day. We'll definitely have to get together when we move back. We're staying at my in-laws (yipee!) until Max is done with the bar. They live in Herriman now across from the rodeo grounds.


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