Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Just slow down!

Kayman has had his cast for 2 weeks now. He had a very hard time when he first got it. He was unable to walk, mostly due to the fact that it was still painful to put weight on his leg, but also because it was very awkward. He spent a week crawling around with his casted leg sticking way out. (Helping him go to the bathroom was quite interesting)
Kayman was frustrated.
Kayman is heavy.
Kayman required me to carry him everywhere.
My arms turned to jello.
My back started giving out.
Then, after a week, he started walking. Ahhh, what a relief that was. Kayman is a much happier now that he can get himself around. He can almost keep up with the girls! They were out on the trampoline tonight and he wanted to jump too. I told him he could sit and bounce, and this is what he started doing.
He had a great time! We go back in tomorrow to get his leg checked out. They will x-ray and see how the bone is healing, and possibly re-cast it, depending on the wear. Now that he is walking, the bottom of the cast is slowly shaving away. Also, now that he is walking, he is pretty much back to normal. Energetic as ever.
Once he gets the cast off, I am sure it's going to be another learning curve for him. He's going to have to learn how to walk again on his weak leg that took 5 weeks off. Hopefully he gains the strength back quickly. I sure love my little man, he has been a really good sport through this challenge.

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  1. Nothing slows kids down! Having a broken leg would certainly be a challenge-and exhausting!


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