Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter. What a beautiful Holiday! A day to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, the love He has for us, the sacrifice He made for us. It was a very spiritual day for me this year, which is something I have been yearning for.
We started out the morning (after the kids found their baskets, searched for the eggs the Easter Bunny hid around the house, and ate a TON of candy) with a little Easter lesson. The kids were concerned that we were having Family Home Evening, but it was still morning, so we called it Family Home Morning. That seemed to keep the whining down. :) Kids!
Syd and Andy taught the story of Jesus's death and resurrection. It was great! The kids understand that Easter is about Jesus, not the Easter Bunny! They also got to sing some Easter songs at church in Sacrament meeting, and Jess gave a talk about Easter in Primary. I was able to go see some friends of mine sing a couple of beautiful songs about Christ's resurrection in YW at church, and the Spirit was so strong in there. I was bawling! I am so grateful for the pain and suffering Christ went through to save us. It's unfathomable.
The night before Easter, we colored eggs. Here are the kids having a great time with each other!

After church, we headed to Nana and Papa's house for Easter dinner. We had a delicious ham dinner with lots of family, and it was a special day for our family. After dinner, the men went out and hid all the easter eggs so the kids could have another easter egg hunt! They each ended up with SO much candy!
The race is on!

Syd, Jess and Kayman with their cousins from down under...Micaela, Izzy, and Ava. We have been anxious for them to move here from New Zealand, and are so glad they finally made it to Utah! Now we just have to convince them to move to Herriman so we can see them often!
Happy Easter!!!

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