Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Really Big Bandaid

Kayman is somewhat excited about his "really big bandaid" as he calls it. Here is the story:

The day started out great! I met one of my best friends from high school for lunch. We laughed and talked for hours and I really enjoyed the morning. I took Jess straight to school from there, then Kayman and I headed home for a few hours of play time. He had some friends over, read, played with beads, ate popcorn, jumped on the trampoline, and took a bath (thank goodness, since now he can't) before we went to get the girls from school. That's when things started getting hectic...

So on the way home from picking up the carpool from the school I saw a beautiful dog running down the street, it was clearly lost. I drove right past it, then got that tugging in my heart that told me to turn my butt around and go help that dog. I called her to me, checked her tags, and without a name/owner tag I put her in the car so I could take care of it after I dropped off the carpool kids.
When we got home, the kids went out back to play, and I called Animal Control to get information on the dog's owner. I didn't want to have an officer come pick her up because I hate it when people call them before calling me when Dallas gets out. I got owner information, called them, left a message that I had their dog, and then went out back to see why Kayman was crying...

Kayman had been jumping on the trampoline with Jess and her friend Katia. He was lying on the edge of the trampoline crying, so I brought him in. We sat on the couch, and he complained of his leg hurting him. Every time I moved he would wince in pain, and he didn't want me to leave his side. Luckily, I got a call right then from a friend hoping take the girls for a while. What a blessing! She took them, then I took Kayman and Katia (girls' friend) to Instacare, where Katia's mom met us to pick up her daughter.
Kayman screamed when I had to pick him up to carry him inside, but he let me cuddle him the whole time. Daddy got there just as we were going back to get an X-ray of his right leg. Kayman was so brave. He sat still when he had to, even though he was in severe pain.
The X-ray clearly showed a break just below his knee. Poor kid! He had a splint put on and hopefully we can get in tomorrow for his cast to be put on.
When we got home we laid him on the couch. He keeps saying, "I can't even walk!" and "I can't do anything." He got bored just laying there, so Jess read him some books, I read him some books, and then he got to play with Andy's iPhone for a while. Once we got him ready for bed, we tucked him in, propped up his leg, and let him play with Jess's Leapster until he fell asleep. He is used to getting out of bed and playing with puzzles or something quiet until he falls asleep. Since he can't move, we figured playing the leapster will keep him happy! He has been such a good sport. What a tough kid he is.
Syd broke her arm when she was 13 months old. I am surprised that it took Kayman as long as it did to break a bone, I just though it would be doing something more crazy than simply jumping on the trampoline. He didn't fall off. He didn't land on the bar. He didn't get jumped on by anybody. He simply landed wrong and put too much pressure on his bone for just long enough to break it.
We are hoping to get the cast on tomorrow since we are leave for St. George tomorrow night. It's Conference weekend, the kids are out of school Friday, it's the perfect weekend for a getaway to our own personal paradise. Plus, Andy and I are going to see "The Neighbors" in Vegas Friday night and St. George on Saturday. What a weekend we have planned! Weeee!

*Around 10 pm I was able to find the owner of the beautiful Hound dog (Annie) I found earlier today. I posted on Facebook that I had her, and her owner's name, and someone knew her owner. He came and got her, and Annie was crying with joy when she was reunited with her daddy. It was sweet. Apparently she was just retired from her bear hunting career. She was a sweet dog.

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  1. What a tough boy! That is a big bandaid. Really, who can sit that long and do nothing? Have so much fun this weekend. Sounds like a great get-away.


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