Sunday, March 20, 2011


I lost them.
I think they ended up in the garbage can.
I searched it as much as I dared.
I wasn't about to dump my huge garbage can filled with rank pull-ups
and poopy diapers onto the driveway
in search of my retainers that
I would rather pay $60 for to just replace the next day.
I did what I could.
I didn't find them.
I paid $60 to replace them.
And this time I will not lose them.
My 7 year old held on to her retainer longer than her mother.
This is Syd's new claim to fame.
And she bragged about it to her teacher.
Now her teacher has material to back up her suspicions of Syd's mom being a total flake.

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  1. Oh heavens! I am so scared of losing mine, too. You are not a flake, you are just busy. Claire did run off with mine tonight and I about had a panic attack! There is no way I am losing these things after 21 months of metal in mouth I'm not going know what I mean.


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