Monday, September 28, 2009


Last weekend my sister Jaycie did a triathalon and I took the kids to see her finish! She did great! Here we are just a few minutes after she finished. The girls were so excited to see her run through the finish line, it was really cute. (For the, I am not pregnant, and yes I will be starting P90X again Oct. 1st. Don't mind the belly.)

My sister is such an amazing person. I really look up to her and strive to become what she is. She is such a loving and caring person and does so much good for others. She loves the Gospel and lives it in everything she does. She radiates happiness and it's rare to find her in a bad mood. I just love her! She has some amazing physical talents as well. Her musical abilities have helped and inspired so many people, especially those she works with as a music therapist. My family and I love listening to her play the guitar and piano and sing the songs she writes. My favorite Christmas song is one she wrote and recorded called "Mary's King." She is a caring sister, a loving wife, a thoughtful daughter, a FUN aunt, and will be a wonderful mother some day. Love you sis!

Crossing the finish line.

We surprised Jaycie and this is when she first spotted us!

Jaycie, her husband Nick and my kids.


  1. Wow! I thought your sister was you!!!! You guys look so much alike! And you look great! I have been eying the infomercials on the PX90 and I soooo want to do it. Did you love it the first time you did? I was thinking I should probably wait until I'm done nursing though...

  2. I purchased P90x a couple of weeks ago but have yet to start it. Brian and I need more time in the morning to do it and we seem to sleep in too long. We have just stuck to the beach body workout (same guy who does P90x). What pull-up bar do you use?


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