Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Summer is coming to an end, and the fall is coming quickly. We decided to take advantage of the still warm weather and go boating while we still can. We went up to Jordanelle with some friends and had a great time!

The water was pretty cold, so I wasn't too excited when Jess requested my company on tube, but I decided I better go with her. We brought Kayman along with us and had a blast! I thought the kids would just cry when the cold water splashed in their faces, but they were having so much fun! I'm glad I made the sacrifice and subjected myself to a little discomfort. I know, mother of the year.

Kayman and Annabelle just enjoying the ride.

Andy catching some air on the wakeboard.

The girls took turns on flag duty. They did very well! They always claim the bow of the boat...the best place to ride!

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