Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Jessica has been just dying to go to preschool. On the first day of school for Syd last year Jess cried the whole time Syd was gone. She really wanted to go with her. Now, after watching her big sister go for 2 years, Jessica's turn finally came around!

Jess was SO excited to wear her new shirt and show off her new haircut to Mrs. Teresa and her new friends. She knows 4 of the kids in her class already from church, so that helped her feel more comfortable. She had a hard time sleeping the night before because she was getting a little anxious, but in the morning she was just ready to go!

Mrs. Teresa is a wonderful teacher. She works very well with all the kids and helps them feel comfortable from the very beginning. Here she is with Jessica, who is still a little nervous. She was the first one there so I got to stay with her for a minute so she could transition.

Jess came home from school with a great big smile on her face and all kinds of stories about what they did the first day. She even got a piece of cake! She loves preschool!

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