Tuesday, August 4, 2009

They eat them in other countries! EWWWW!

We have had a terrible time in the yard this summer. I started out really motivated to keep it looking great, but then it got out of control before I knew it. We had vacations and the weeds took over. I finally got that back under control, but then the infestation came. We have thousands of grasshoppers invading our yard! It's disgusting! Take a loot at the damage they have caused to my plants.

These are the raspberries I was SO looking forward to eating! They beat me to it.

This is the bark on one of my trees. I am not positive they did this, but I haven't seen any other critters I can blame at this point.

My garden pretty much sucks, this is what most of my vegetables look like.

I don't think the broccolli is going to work out this year.

My hollyhocks have nothing but stems left. Look how big those suckers are! Those ones are about 2 inches long.

We had a fire the other night and Andy started catching what he could and roasted them up. Even though there are probably thousands of them, he still felt better watching a few of them burn. Dallas ate a few for us as well. He has a good time catching them.

Here is a roasting grasshopper. We got so many that the yard started to smell pretty bad. Sorry to any of you neighbors who may have smelled something strange Friday night. KILL THE GRASSHOPPERS!

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