Wednesday, August 26, 2009

$2 Tuesday

Thanksgiving Point had $2 Tuesday in August, so the last Tuesday of the month I decided to take advantage of the great deal. I think it's normally $10 to get in.

The girls were SO excited to finally go see the dinosaurs again. They have been asking to go for a while, and I planned to go sometime when the weather gets colder, but I couldn't pass up the good deal. They were thrilled. Kayman was pretty excited to see the huge dinosaurs also. He loved it!

Syd is very intently digging for dinosaur bones. This was her favorite part of the trip..until she got in trouble for getting a little too into it. She stood up a little and started brushing sand away so fast that the kids behind her were getting pelted in the face with sand. She had no idea, and it was so loud in there that I had to yell her name to get her attention. She was so embarrassed when she realized what she was doing. She didn't mean to. The girl has such a sweet heart.
Kayman's favorite part was the huge shark mouth. Here he is trying to climb into the exhibit. So sneaky.
Jess was in a picture-taking mood. Even if it is in front of the shark's open mouth.
Here are my kids and their friends who joined us on our adventure.
Kayman and his friend checking out the dinosaur bones.
Syd was very helpful in making sure Kayman could see everything. He loved every minute of it!

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