Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hard to get

Kayman has become quite the ladies man. He gives the girls this look that just begs them to come play with him, then he runs away. He is such a tease. He's started to play hard to get a little young!
When it was time for our friends to leave, little Addy couldn't get enough hugs from Kayman! He was a little unsure of how to respond to all her hugs, but he didn't protest. How could you refuse a hug from such a beautiful girl? Aren't they just so cute! Thanks Jon and Laura for a great night! Kayman appreciated it too! :)


  1. Oh Steph, this pictures is so cute! Thanks again for having us, we had so much fun! And obviously Addy became very attached to Kayman...haha! So cute!


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