Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Workin' in the dirt

I have spent the last few weeks in the yard doing lots of weeding and moving dirt.  The dirt out here where I live is pretty bad and needs lots of added nutrients each year.  I borrowed my parents truck and got 2 loads (4 yards) of compost from the land fill.  It is very inexpensive and it's great stuff.  Here is a picture of what the beds looked like before the compost was spread around...
And here are some shots afterward.  I love the dimension it creates.  The flowers really pop and it's much easier to keep the weeds under control.  Now I have a few bags of nutrimulch and steer manure to chop in and I will be done buying dirt for another year.  I never thought I would spend so much time and money on dirt!  It sure makes a difference and the yard has never looked better!
The lawn definitely needs some attention now, but here is the flower bed out front.  I LOVE spring!!!!


  1. Your yard looks great! I really need to do something with mine, but i have no idea what i'm doing. Any tips on tne best kinds of flowers to get?

  2. I love it. Looks so beautiful. I need to go get some dirt.

  3. Your yard is beautiful. I will be able to see it soon!


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