Friday, May 1, 2009

Finding the humor

I have had a terrible cold for the last week and have hardly had enough energy to get much done.  I did manager to get lots of yard work done, but the house was severely neglected. Nearly every room needed major attention.  So, today was my day dedicated to cleaning the house.  The girls were on board and helped wipe down the tables, mirrors, mop the floors and they both cleaned their rooms. 
With a toddler in the house, mopping isn't just grabbing the mop and the bucket of soapy water and going for it.  You first have to sweep up the 3 dustpans full of crumbs, playground mulch that made it way inside, cereal he threw on the floor during breakfast, and our fair share of dog hair.  After sweeping, I sweep again to be sure I got it all.  Moving the chairs (which REALLY need a good wipe down after all the sticky fingers have been all over them) out of the we are ready to mop.  It's just a matter of waiting until nap time so I can do it without any casualties. 
Finally the time came when I was able to mop the floor.  I got it done in no time, and even mopped all the bathrooms and laundry room while I was at it.  Go me!  Then Kayman woke up.  In the mean time, Jessica decided she wanted a snack and got the container of fruit cocktail out of the fridge.  She is in a bad habit of not putting things back where they belong when she is finished with them, and Kayman usually finds them before they get put away.  Well, this is a classic case of that scenario.  This is what I found when I came downstairs...
Kayman had no problem with it, he got an easy snack!  The good thing is that I had just mopped the floor so I know it was clean.  The bad thing is that I JUST MOPPED THE FLOOR!!!!!  So, needless to say, I got to do it all over again.  
I am pretty strict about the kids cleaning up their own messes, so I asked Jess to pick up the fruit since she left it out.  She was fine with that, and I went upstairs to get Kayman cleaned up.  When I came back downstairs, Jess had grabbed the broom and swept all the fruit onto the dustpan.  She did her best to clean up the mess, I was so proud of her for figuring out the best way to clean it up on her own.  The only problem for me was that she swept it all the way to the wall before she was able to get it onto the dustpan.  The entire floor was sticky by the time she was done because she walked through it numerous times.  It was pretty cute to see how hard she was working and how proud she was that she got it cleaned up.  What a sweetheart!  Hopefully she will remember to put things away from now on!

P.S.  I realize that most of the pictures of Kayman are of him not dressed.  Really, I do dress him.  I swear he is always dressed, except for when he is in pictures!  I took his clothes off just prior to his nap due to the fact that he got into the swimming pool outside when it was not even 60 degrees!  He's nuts!


  1. I swear that is the story of my life too! Clean and then turn around and have to do it all over again! You are a great mom Stef! I can't wait to hang out again soon!:)

  2. So funny! Marissa always makes messes. The other day she dumped the pizza all on the floor. It was awful!


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