Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Rain or Shine

We got the trampoline that I used to jump on as a kid from my parents a few weeks ago, and the girls can't stay off of it!  They love for me or Andy to bounce them high, and they really love to have a "water trampoline" as they call it.  We put the sprinkler under it while they jump.  We can't do it for too long though because I don't want to drown the grass under it, but today they were in luck!  It started raining shortly after I told them we had to turn the sprinkler off!  They were so excited to still get the water trampoline they wanted.
It was a little cold, so Jess came in for her snow hat, and Syd put her robe over her swim suit.  Rain or shine, these girls are jumping!  It came to an end for Jess when the rain started coming down really hard.  She just stood there crying and told me that ice was falling on her.  I am sure it wasn't hailing, but whatever it was hurt her bare skin.
I love how carefree these girls are.  They have so much fun together!  They are best friends and find so many fun things to do with each other.  I love watching them together.


  1. How cute! I can't wait until my girls get a little bigger so they can play together. I hope they are as good of friends as your girls.

  2. no way! That is the original DANIELS tramp? I may have to come bounce for old times sake. Awesome!


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