Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swingin' Syd!

We found the coolest new age park in St. George.  It has some amazing equipment that is so fun!  Syd and I played on this swing for a while and had a great time!  Syd loved that she got so high off the ground.  
This is a little bucket seat/spinner.  Syd spun around in there until she started to feel sick.  She is light enough I had to give her a push every once in a while.  When I sat in it I had a hard time stopping and got pretty dizzy pretty quick.  It would have been the best thing in the world as a kid!  I loved spinning around and around on playground equipment, but now it just makes me sick.  We spent a few hours at the park and I had so much fun watching the kids have the time of their lives! 

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