Saturday, April 4, 2009

Family Day

We had a great day home with the family today.  It is conference weekend and we all spent the day together.  It was wonderful to hear the words of those that lead our church, and I really enjoyed the talks.  It is so rewarding to hear the kids come in the room when the hear the voice of our beloved Prophet and say, "Look mom, it's President Monson!"  The only down side to Conference weekend is that Syd is devastated that we can't go to church!  She broke down crying before bed because she said she wants to go to church anyway.  I told her nobody would be there, that everyone is home with their family watching conference, and she kept crying.  Poor thing!  I am glad she enjoys church and the feeling she gets there.  She is a very spiritual little girl.
I got quite a few fun pictures of the day.  Everyone had a lot of fun, and Andy and I even got a few projects done that we have been meaning to do for a while.

Here is Kayman playing on the floor and eating a banana.  His diet right now consists of bananas, fruit of any kind really, cereal, and spaghetti.  Everything else gets either spit out or thrown across the room.  Little stinker!
Syd and Kayman were having a great time with this doll stroller. 
Jessica's classical "I want my picture taken, but I'm too hyper!" face!
Kayman would spend all day outside if he could, he LOVES being outside!  I wasn't too thrilled about the snow, and I especially didn't want to go out in it.  Lucky for me, Syd loves to entertain her brother.  She volunteered to pull him around on the sled for a while, which he loved!
Although he wasn't too sure about all the gear he had to put on to go outside.  In this picture, Kayman is looking at Andy and yelling for help.  He was mad at me for putting all that junk on him, but I am sure he appreciated it once he got outside.  
Syd and Jess got a bit of Spring Fever!  They got their swim suits on and wanted a waterslide outside.  I told them it's too cold for a waterslide, but they didn't seem to mind the temperature.  They just stepped into their boots and made a waterslide with the snow instead of the hose.  They are CRAZY!!!

So, you can see here that they did have their coats and snow pants outside.  I'm not that bad of a mother.  I do send them out into the snow with a coat on, I just can't guarantee they will keep it on!


  1. That picture of your girls in their swimsuits is so funny! Looks like you guys are doing well and having a lot of fun.

  2. Love it! What cute little girls you have.

  3. Im glad you finally have your blog up and running :) I love to see how you guys are doing and how grown up your kids are getting. They are all so cute! I miss you guys.


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