Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Stitches for two

Remember my post about my belly button?  Well, little did I know when I wrote that post that there was actually something wrong.  I thought it was just another battle would, a sign of motherhood.  Here is what it looked like just before going in for surgery.

This ugly growth kept growing bigger and bigger over the last 6 years, but it just started bothering me over the last few months.  I did what we all do in situations like this.  I turned to the good ol' internet, did some research, and diagnosed myself with an umbilical hernia.  I read horror stories about how these hernia's can become strangulated and die and cause emergency surgery, so I decided to make an appointment with a surgeon to get it looked at.

Dr. Benjamin Kim agreed with my diagnosis...umbilical hernia.  It was small, but needed to be removed nonetheless.  The big day was to be January 10, my dad's birthday.

I have to admit I was more than a little nervous.  I don't like needles (who does, really?) and I don't like being out of commission.  As much as I like sleeping, I don't like to be confined to the bed or the couch, it really cramps my style!  I was getting pre-surgery anxiety the day before to the point that I was sure I needed to write my kids letters saying goodbye, just in case I didn't come home.  I knew I was being dramatic because I'm pretty sure this is the least risky surgery on the planet, so the morning of the surgery my dear husband gave me a blessing.  The Lord does bless us and I see those blessings every day.  I was glad for the peace I felt.

After getting the kids off to helpful neighbors' homes, we headed to the hospital.  I changed into the lovely hospital clothes and waited for someone to give me the anesthesia to knock me out.  The only part of surgery I was looking forward to.  The deep, deep sleep where I hoped I would not dream.  And guess what, I don't remember a thing!!!  *My dreams have been SUPER CRAZY lately, but that's another subject for another day.*

First, they had to do a pregnancy test.  Thank the Lord above it was negative!  Not that I don't love babies, because I do, it's just that I don't want another one.  I'm maxed out.
With the negative prego test, the nurses got the OK to start my IV.  Well, to try anyway.  The first one didn't work, so the more experienced nurse tried.  She got it going, but it was very slow.  She hooked it all up, got the fluids running, and then they sent me up to surgery.  This is where I had to say goodbye to Andy (we got caught kissing in the hall) and he had to go to the waiting room.

After they "parked" me in a little nook, I was lying in the bed feeling super awkward, just chillin' in the hallway.  Eventually the anesthesiologist came and started some meds to get me all relaxed.  It burned like crazy at the injection site (as it normally does, but it didn't stop), and within about 5 minutes it was clear that my IV was infiltrating.  The skin was all puffy and red and the fluids were infusing into the tissue.  It was not ideal.  So, the anesthesiologist started a new IV.  Third time's a charm!  I'm sure glad I caught it before they tried to put me under.  Would I have woken up halfway through my operation?  Ahh!  That would have sucked.

I saw Dr. Kim for about 2 seconds before everything faded into oblivion.  Next thing I knew I was told I had a "cute little inny".  I came out of the anesthesia pretty quickly, as far as I could tell.  I was chillin' with Andy for a while before I got discharged and went home.  I then got to lie in bed for 3 days doped up on drugs and getting served like crazy by my amazing family.  I got breakfast and lunch and dinner served to me in bed, lots of hugs and kisses from everyone, and more quiet time than I knew what to do with.  I spent my time reading and knitting.  That was amazing.

So, while I was drifting in and out of sleep on the first day home, I overheard a bunch of commotion upstairs.  It turns out that Kayman had fallen and split his ear open.  Andy's sister (who is amazing and took the kids all day and then let the girls stay the night) was taking him to Instacare to get stitches.  What?!  He fell right on the corner of the tile and ended up with 5 stitches.  Poor kiddo!  He was very tough though and hasn't complained about it one bit.  They had to wrap his head to keep the stitches safe for a few days.  He didn't want his picture taken, here's the best I got.
Andy took 2 days off work to help me out.  He played Mr. Mom all weekend and got the kids off to school Monday, only after cooking them (and me) eggs for breakfast.  The most they get from me is oatmeal...on a good day.  He was amazing.  I sure am lucky to have him as a husband and as the father of our children.  I scored big time!

Today is day 4 and I have been up and functioning mostly normally.  Wahoo!  My follow up appointment went well and i'm cleared to resume normal activity.  I am excited to see the final result, as of now my "cute little inny" is covered in medical tape.  I sure hope it's cute.

We have some pretty amazing friends and family.  Our dear friends brought us lunch on Saturday, homemade soup!  It was nice to visit and get some very nutritious food into me after fasting most of Friday.  Sunday we were treated to delicious dinners at both of our parents homes.  Last night our  neighbors brought us dinner, and today we had 3 friends bring food!  People are so giving, and I am so thankful.

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