Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Pink Heart

Today I am grateful.  I am happy.  I have everything I ever wanted when I "grew up."  I wanted to get married to a wonderful man who loves me, have beautiful healthy children, have a home and a dog and be able to stay home to take care of my children.  That is all that mattered, and here I am with all of those things.  And so much more.  

I tried something new the other day.  I was inspired (twice) to do this thing I will tell you about in a minute.  The first time was last week at the Scripture class I attend when we read Col 2:2, and then second was in church last Sunday as the Bishopric introduced our yearly theme.  Each year our ward has a theme  to unite us as a ward and give us a common cause to strive for.  This year the scripture is Mosiah 18:21 and 29.  Verse 21 speaks of having our "hearts knit together in unity and in love."
When I came home from church I made this.  
Knit Heart

I made a few of them, it took a little practice.  It's far from perfect, but I find it quite charming in it's unique quirkiness.  It's quickly becoming my tangible theme for the year.   Love.  Love is everything. Love and gratitude.

Here I sit on my (the most comfortable in existence) couch next to my husband, both of us tapping away at the keyboard.  He is working, I am getting my social media on.  Pandora is playing a mix of my favorite music in the background.  Beautiful songs about love fill the air and remind me of how lucky I am to be sitting her next to mine.  
A song comes on that triggers a negative memory and I can't stand to even listen to the song.  I choose to skip it and Pandora knows just what to play next.  

"How fickle my heart, how woozy my eyes...  ...your soul you must keep totally free, Awake my soul, Awake my soul...in these bodies we will live, in these bodies we will die, and where you invest your love, you invest your life"    -Mumford and Sons

Those lyrics are so profound.  Where you invest your love, you invest your life.  Awake my soul.  I love the drive this song gives to my soul.  Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE MUSIC!!!!!!?

I'm wrapped up in my fuzzy blanket (pictured above, seriously SO soft!) with my feet resting on our old black coffee table that is filled with board games.  The paint is peeling from the top of the table because none of us ever use the coasters.  The rings have progressed to chipping paint, but just give the table character and show its use.   We spend time together at this table.  A lot of time, and usually with popcorn and Dr. Pepper (for me)...water for the man.

We have been reading scriptures as a family each night for a while now.  My dear husband is wonderful at making sure we do the important things, like reading and praying together as a family, even when I'm in a sour mood.  The end of the day is the hardest for me.  Once bed time comes around, I'm more than ready to call it.  Done.  Andy is so patient with me and with the kids.  Thanks to him, they are now asleep in their beds, they are safe and happy.  For that, and for everything else the Lord has blessed me with, I am grateful.

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