Friday, April 19, 2013

My Favorite Time-Out


Reading has not always been something I love to do, but in my adulthood I have learned to really enjoy it.  It's legitimate free time for me.  I don't feel guilty taking time out for myself to read, not in the least. It's especially enjoyable if I'm soaking in a giant bubble bath while I am reading.
No bubbles this time, but a giant bath nonetheless

I was talking with my sister in law a few weeks ago about our kids and reading.  We both have a child that does not love it, and has difficulty with reading comprehension.
What is the remedy for this? More reading, of course!  
Those kids just love that!  My sister-in-law and I both decided that if someone told us to grab a book, any book we wanted, and that we were required to read for an hour a day, there would be NO complaining.  It would be a welcome assignment!  One of my favorite assignments of the day, actually!

I've been in a habit of finishing every book I start, regardless of whether I like it or not. *which is actually a very strange thing since I don't feel that obligation toward the more important things*  I recently realized that this is not a good habit.  It wastes a lot of time actually.  Somehow I felt I owed it to ?someone?, the author maybe? to finish the book.  Why is this?  Strange.

So, I have set a new rule for myself:
If I check a book out of the library and don't finish reading it before it's due, I have one chance to renew it.  If I have to renew it more than once, then I obviously didn't love the book enough to finish, and it's not worth my time!

I'm not sure what started this impulse to finish every book I pick up, but I realized that there is no need to spend my limited reading time on a book I don't love.

I am in the middle of reading "Between Shades of Gray" right now.

No, not the other "shades of gray" book, this one is about a family taken into slavery and their struggles and strengths.  I love to read books about people overcoming trials and learning how they dealt with hard things.  They help me appreciate my many blessings, and they inspire me to be better than I was yesterday.

You can link up with me on Goodreads and see all that I have read and want to read.  Please recommend books you love to me, I'd love to hear what y'all are reading!

Anyone interested in starting a Book Club?

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