Thursday, March 21, 2013

Not now, please.

This is currently the only thing that is soothing my angry throat. 
Have you tried this?
I added a few marshmallows for good measure.  Oh baby, this stuff is delish!

I wish I enjoyed the taste of herbal tea, that would have saved me a million calories with all the hot chocolate I drank.

After helping at Man's preschool for a few hours, lunch in Park City with a dear friend, and a workout with another dear friend, I gave in to the urge for a bath at 4 pm.  For me, that's definitely a sign that something is not right.  Then I finished a book (Bossypants by Tina Fey, HIGHLY recommended for a good laugh or 92) while the kids played ever so nicely with each other.  No seriously, they were getting along!  I got in some rest thinking I would feel better in no time.  I feel worse.

I absolutely CAN NOT be sick.  I have a very important date tomorrow night.  No matter how sick I am, I will not be missing this event.  Luckily I am not throw-up sick, just sore-throat sick, but that will make screaming/singing/cheering at the Imagine Dragons concert tomorrow night a little rough.

I've loaded up on vitamins, zinc, clear fluids, and I WILL feel fabulous by tomorrow evening at 5:00 when I head out for dinner before the show.  I just will.

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  1. Oh no Steph! There must have been something in our Cafe Rio because i'm starting to feel a little sick also. I hope it passes :) You have to enjoy Imagine Dragons for the both of us...JEALOUS!!! Have fun!


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