Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Man!

He's 3. I can't believe he's 3. Little Man has been such a spit fire from the day he was born. He is full of energy and loads of fun. Kayman has his own wild imagination and loves to make people laugh. I love spending so much time with him while the girls are at school. He cuddles with me, plays games with me, watches movies with me, lets me read to him, sings and dances to Michael Jackson with me, does beads with me, exercises with me...he is my little buddy!

We had a small birthday party for him at our house tonight with our family and Andy's parents. He loved his cake and blowing out the candles!
And eating the chocolate off the candles, that's not a joint.
Andy and I were more practical this year. After strolling through Costco and realizing that we have EVERY toy there, in one version or another, I decided that Kayman probably has enough toys. We got him some shoes, socks, Toy Story underwear and pullups, and a few Toy Story action figures. I know it sounds boring, but I am trying to get him excited to potty train. He is finally interested, so I hope that not getting Woody or Buzz wet will be motivation enough for him! We'll see.
The girls are such wonderful big sisters. They went through their stuff and came up with meaningful gifts for their brother. They drew him pictures, found toys they knew he would like, an old wallet (since Kayman is 3 he will now be getting allowance, I'll post about that and how it works in our home later), some M&M's and Syd even gave him some of her money! They wrote cards for him and wrapped the gifts all by themselves. Kayman loved their gifts and played with the stuff they dug out of the toy box for him as though he had never seen any of it before. Such sweet girls to go to so much effort to make sure he had a fun birthday!
He loved his gift from Nana and Papa! Cars and a track that makes loud noises. What more could a boy want? He also got a Cowboys jersey from them! Kayman is a Dallas Cowboys fan by default...his dad has been a fan since he was a kid.

A little more about my boy:
Kayman had a rough start when he was born. He was hooked up to oxygen machines and IV's for the first 24 hours until he was able to function on his own. Then he cried and cried until he was 9 months old. He was very frustrated all the time. Thankfully, he is now a very content little boy. He's intense, but happy. He is independent and will continue on one activity for hours at a time. He is very smart and learning very quickly. He picks up a ton from the girls, some good and some bad.
Kayman loves to play with trains and cars, throw bouncy balls, put together puzzles, shoot his cap gun, watch Mickey Mouse, and his new favorite thing to do at night is choose which sisters room he is going to sleep in. He has had a lot of nightmares in the night, so he doesn't like to sleep in his own room anymore. It's great because the girls love to comfort him if he wakes up and I don't have to get up anymore! It's good for everyone. The girls always have something to bribe him with to get him to choose them.
Kayman is such a sweet child and I love him dearly! I am so grateful for him and all the laughter he brings into our home! Love you buddy!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Kayman! He's so cute! I wish I knew him as a little man and that he and Dallin could play together.


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