Monday, November 22, 2010


I have been participating in a food co-op for close to a year now called Bountiful Baskets. I get 6 varieties of fruit and 6 varieties of vegetables, and each variety has a large portion. I end up with roughly $35-$40 worth of produce for only $16.50! I love it Not only for the fact that I save tons of money on produce because I get it a wholesale prices, but also because I always have healthy snacks on hand for the kids!
You're probably wondering if we really eat all this food in a week. Well, not always, but I am usually able to get through most of it. What we don't get through can either be preserved somehow or lasts a while, like potatoes. (I actually have 2 bags of russet potatoes and a bag of sweet potatoes as of now, but they last a long time so it's okay if we don't eat them the week of. I have dehydrated bananas and made countless batches of delicious banana bread since we get these every time and the kids are sick of them.)
This is the delicious acorn squash that Jess and I just love! She and I are the only ones who will eat it. It's a good thing that lasts a while too because we have a few. I love that my kids will eat all vegetables and fruits, and they are just as excited to get the basket full of produce as I am. It's a surprise every week (or every other week) because we never know what we are going to get.


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  2. my kitchen counter looks like yours! I love bountiful baskets I just cant eat the fruits/veggies fast enough!


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