Sunday, June 6, 2010

They're Ba-ack!

Already destroying my garden, the infamous grasshoppers are back and have begun their attack! I noticed them about 2 weeks ago when they were about 1/8 inch long and they are growing VERY rapidly! I got the yard sprayed and hopefully they are all going to be dead here in a few days. They better not destroy my garden this year, or else I'm gonna, uh, be really mad again, I guess. What can you do? Killing them one at a time by burning them, watching Dallas attack and eat them, sending the kids out to catch them, although very rewarding, is not too effective. Die grasshoppers, DIE!!!


  1. Good luck with the grasshoppers :) That would definitely be frustrating. There are so many bugs out here in Ohio. The Ants won't stop invading my home and everytime i send the kids outside in the backyard im letting them into the wild bugs, bees and spider jungle.
    AAAAAHHHHH i hate them all....

  2. Micaela and Iz are volunteering to come grasshopper hunting for their favorite Aunt. It's still one of their favorite memories of last summer, hunting and throwing them in the fire.

  3. I feel your pain steph! We live right across from a field so even if we spray they'll just keep hopping over the road to my garden. I dito your "DIE GRASSHOPPERS DIE!!"


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