Friday, June 18, 2010

Cleaning jobs

Every day my girls have to do their "Chart" before they are allowed to go play or watch movies, etc. Their chart consists of 1. making their bed, 2. cleaning their toys up, 3. brushing their teeth, 4. fixing their hair (or having me fix it), 5. do their homework or read, and 6. a cleaning job. I usually let them decide what their cleaning job is and help them if they can't think of anything.
Today Syd decided to clean the entire bathroom downstairs! It's sparkling!
Jess saw the need and decided to organize the movies!
Kayman thought it was time for mom to mop the floor apparently. I couldn't get out of him why he decided to make this mess, his only answer these days is "Cuz." So I mopped the floor while he spent a little time in his bedroom where he can make whatever mess he wants to clean up.
The girls' friend brought them the soda and they left it on the porch while they were playing outside. Kayman decided to help himself to it. He's such a stinker! It's a dang good thing he's so cute!

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  1. I like the idea of one cleaning item a day that they pick. I might have to use that idea. Do you make your kids clean their room before going to bed too? By the end of the day (usually after they have already picked things up once) I can't even make it to their beds with out stepping on something.


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